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show of hands... in monthly, bite-size portions


This year, in lieu of a Spring Show, OrangeBeautiful Studio+Shop will be hosting a series of monthly Pop Up Shops featuring a select group of Chicagoland and Midwest makers.

As a vendor from one or more of the past SHOW of HANDS events, you are invited to participate in our upcoming Pop Up Shops, held at OrangeBeautiful on the first Saturday of each month.

Each Pop Up Shop will feature up to (3) vendors "setting up shop" in our space for the day.  Vendors will be asked to be on-site for the entire day (11am-4pm) since part of the draw for shoppers will be that they are buying directly from you: the maker.  Our goal is for those who attend our Pop Up Shops to get a little taste of what it's like to shop at the "full-size" SHOW of HANDS, but in a smaller, more intimate setting.

If you're interested, please look through the additional details below, as well as the dates we've set aside for these special one-day events.  You'll find theme ideas alongside the dates; these are just brainstorms for ways to market each Pop Up, tie participating vendors together, etc.  If you have any ideas for potential themes, please let us know!

If you would like to participate with one or two other specific vendors, please let us know!  We'd love to match people up with complementary makers... especially, if you're already friends!

NOTE:  at this time, we are only inviting show of hands vendors to participate.


SHOW of HANDS Pop Up Shops are brought to you by OrangeBeautiful.  At this time, Pop Up Vendors will be limited to those makers who have participated in at least one of the following shows:
  • SHOW of HANDS Holiday 2013
  • SHOW of HANDS Holiday 2014
  • SHOW of HANDS Spring 2015
  • SHOW of HANDS Holiday 2015
  • SHOW of HANDS Holiday 2016
In order to create an intimate shopping atmosphere for shoppers and vendors alike, we will be inviting (3-4) Vendors to participate in each Pop Up Shop.  If you are interested in an exclusive engagement where your company is the only brand participating, please let us know... we are totally open to that!

Up to four (4) former SHOW of HANDS Vendors will "set up shop" inside OrangeBeautiful Studio+Shop.  You will be provided with a table or other display area in the shop, or our attached studio space, where you can set up your merchandise.  We will do our best to accommodate each vendor's specific display needs (i.e. large stuff that needs rooooommm, small stuff that can fit on a cozy table, etc.)


There is no booth fee for participating in a Pop Up Shop.  Your sales will be subject to 60/40 consignment terms (60% designer / 40% OrangeBeautiful).  If you're not already selling at our shop, and are unfamiliar with our Consignment Agreement, you can view/download it here.

common checkout

Unlike our full-scale SHOW of HANDS events, where vendors are responsible for their own sales, handling money & accepting credit cards, OrangeBeautiful will be providing a Common Checkout at each Pop Up Shop event.
What this means is that all purchases will be made through OrangeBeautiful Studio+Shop and Pop Up Vendors will receive their payout (60% retail cost of items sold) by check or Square payment at the end of the day.

Common Checkout allows Pop Up Shop Attendees to spend more time shopping, and allows vendors to focus on selling and talking to potential customers.  In this more intimate setting, it's important that shoppers feel like they easily purchase items from all participating vendors, as well as OrangeBeautiful's Shop, and have just one transaction when they're ready to check out.
  • To make this process quick, easy & accurate, we will ask you to provide a one page inventory price sheet of what you will be selling that day.
  • All items sold will be labeled with your company/brand name on OrangeBeautiful Shop receipts.
  • We will also be supplying all shoppers (not just those who make a purchase) with your Company Info:  mame, type of products, URL).  Our hope is that providing folks with take-home information will encourage them to purchase from you in the future!

Pop Up Shops take place on Saturdays, see below for specific dates.
Each Pop Up Shop will have the same hours as OrangeBeautiful's shop:  11am-5pm
Vendors can set up as early as 9:30am, and must be set up and ready to sell by 10:45am.

OrangeBeautiful Studio+Shop is located at 4658 N Damen Avenue in Ravenswood, on the north side of Chicago.  We are just steps away from the Brown Line Damen CTA Station.  There is also ample street parking one block west on Leland Ave. and all along Seeley Ave.  Do not park on Damen, unless you wanna feed your meter a couple of times!


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